Helping Ukraine

Our presence and in-person humanitarian missions directly inside Ukraine are coming to a close as our volunteers return home to Canada and the United States.

 However our goals and pledge of assistance to the people affected  most by Russias invasion in Ukraine will not stop. 

We will continue to support charities and volunteer led humanitarian organizations operating on the front lines. 

 Any further donations made to our group will be collected for such fundraising purposes for such groups and will go towards the purchase of vehicles to be used for transportation of humanitarian aid, and front line civillian evacuations.

 For large donors that want to be more involved directly with the organizations that we are working with and fundraising for, you may reach out via our email or facebook-direct-message to inquire for their direct donation information.

To donate by Paypal send to:

Canada e-transfers can be sent to:




Our Mission

Our mission continues. Help other organizations in country.

One of the Ukrainian organizations we support is Kharkiv Volunteer Union. A local Kharkiv group helping residents of de-occpied territories and settlements close to the war zone.